Sunday, April 24, 2011

When Will My Life Begin?

Well... Tomorrow, actually.

I'm a bundle of nerves and I can't seem to understand how I feel right now. It's a mix of anxiety, excitement, joy, fear... It makes me want to wriggle my toes and wring my hands... It makes my want to scream my lungs out and yet keep it all inside. I'm scared. I'm excited. I'm really, really nervous.

Life begins tomorrow and with that new life comes other new stuff as well- clothes, shoes, nails, hair cut and today, I colored my hair!

I'm not quite sure about the shade though... It's the lightest I've ever dared to go. :O And now that my hair's dry, I may need to reapply a some color on the body of my hair. However, instead of my roots having a darker shade, it now has a very light brownish color to it and I'm not so sure that it's meant to look that way. o.O

I guess I'll just have to tie my hair up for my first day at work tomorrow. Wish me luck! <3

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