Sunday, April 24, 2011

When Will My Life Begin?

Well... Tomorrow, actually.

I'm a bundle of nerves and I can't seem to understand how I feel right now. It's a mix of anxiety, excitement, joy, fear... It makes me want to wriggle my toes and wring my hands... It makes my want to scream my lungs out and yet keep it all inside. I'm scared. I'm excited. I'm really, really nervous.

Life begins tomorrow and with that new life comes other new stuff as well- clothes, shoes, nails, hair cut and today, I colored my hair!

I'm not quite sure about the shade though... It's the lightest I've ever dared to go. :O And now that my hair's dry, I may need to reapply a some color on the body of my hair. However, instead of my roots having a darker shade, it now has a very light brownish color to it and I'm not so sure that it's meant to look that way. o.O

I guess I'll just have to tie my hair up for my first day at work tomorrow. Wish me luck! <3

Into the Time Vortex!

My Doctor Who Season Six Episode One download finishes in 30 minutes!!!!!!


Okay, I tried searching Tumblr for a nice DW photo to put in here but damn those spoiler gifs! ><; I'll go post a pic after watching it then.

I want a bowtie.

Roar says the Milo Dinosaur and Many Many More!

THAT, was the highlight of my day- the Milo Dinosaur I drank as mom ate her Red Mango Yogurt and Neena gobbled up her crepe. Don't know what a Milo Dinosaur is? Well, it's a Milo drink with a MOUNTAIN of Milo powder on top. *drools* You can get this wonderful drink over at Toast Box, Trinoma and I suggest you do so IMMEDIATELY. <3

Above is a 'photo montage'! The Milo Dinosaur is composed of A- Hot Milo, B- Ice/Cold Water, C+ MILO POWDER BONANZA. <3 I am in Milo heaven. Haha.. It was an odd experience sipping it at first. I couldn't quite decide if it's hot or cold. xD

Nomnomnomnomnom. <3 Yes, I drank it in Red Mango. xD
Afterwards, we headed to SM the Block where we had a blast at Etude House! I think my sister fell in love with an orange lipstick there o.O I, however, fell in love with their collection of nail polishes! :O DID YOU KNOW- that Etude House is coming out with a line of MATTE nail polishes soon?! I'm soooo excited for it! And it will only cost P98! I honestly can't wait to get my hands on em. Unfortunately, they haven't arrived in the country yet so I settled on some other lovely items being sold in the overly pink shop.

We (the three of us) ended up buying a few items each. Mom got herself a bottle of Lip & Eye make up remover and a bottle of Baby Skin Foundation, my sister bought a VIP Girl Dear Darling Lipstick which was in a shockingly bright pink shade and I bought two bottles of nail polishes, a bottle of nail polish remover and a contour brush for eye make-up. That was indeed a very good haul. :D

We were given the collagen moistfull thing for free :P
I think I might do reviews for the things we bought from Etude House soon. It's MIGHT. Haha.. I've never done a review of beauty products before. :O Perhaps it's high time I start?

Anyhoo, with the shopping done, we then proceeded to pamper ourselves! Mom and I both got our hair cut; I had my hands and feet done, mom had a pedicure and sister had a manicure. Both my hands and feet are VERY grateful for the attention I finally gave them. My nails are clean and aren't crazy long and sharp and I love how neat they look. This week, I decided on a more 'grown up' shade of polish to celebrate my "I-HAVE-A-JOB" phase. Haha. :P

Golden Bronze

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning COMPLETE.


It's 12:20 and we (Mom, sister and I) just finished cleaning out 85% of my room. We've been cleaning non-stop (save for dinner time) since after lunch and we are DEAD BEAT TIRED. Our backs hurt like crazy, our feet feels so dirty, our hands bear the marks of labor, our eyes want to droop and the bed is starting to look very very very good.

See my poor, poor nails/fingers... Think it's time for a manicure? I sure do. :P And that photo below? That's the HUGE pile of books, notebooks, readings from my elementary and high school days to be given away to charity or sold for scrap. It feels so good to let go. :)

Anyway, I'd like to end this quick update with a couple photos I found from my 'dig'

Brain scans! :O Yes! Those are images of my brain. You see, a few years ago I had mini black-outs whenever I would stand. And yes, I know that those occurrences are normal but mine occurred at an alarmingly regular rate and I would usually stumble and fall whenever the world goes dark. :| But that's a thing of the past now, thankfully.

I found this letter my best friend since Grade 3 wrote to me- IN CHINESE. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what it says anymore. :| Finding it was a great surprise, though. :3

AAAAAAND there you have it. I'm tired. I need a looong hot bath. I need my hot milo. I need my bed.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Out with the old, in with the new.

It's always great to start afresh, especially right before a milestone such as starting my first job. And my goodness! Clearing out old school books that has been gathering dust from my closet for more than five years is VERY therapeutic. Not to mention the goldmine of memories I've unearthed... I never knew I collected so much posters and newspaper clippings of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Simple Plan. Heck, I even forgot that I had that poster below! I dug up old brain scans o_o, useless math exams and hundreds and hundreds of old now-worthless notebooks.

And WOW, the process is grueling. My back hurts like crazy, my nails are chipped and dirty and I feel a migraine coming on soon. But then again, the end result is worth the trouble. It's like... letting go of years and years and years of baggage I don't really need and it feels good.

It's time to make space for my new life! I can ACTUALLY SEE the bottom of my drawers! I can ACTUALLY stretch my legs under my desk! And I can finally, finally feel that I'm starting a new chapter in my life. Will update soon with pictures of my CLEAAAANN area! :D