Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fiiiieeellllddd Trrriiippp!

It has been three weeks since I began the next chapter of my life— and I've GOT to say, I'm enjoying every minute of it. Each day working in B+C gives me a chance to experience more and learn interesting new things. I learned how to create and assemble mock ups on my very first day though I *may* be a bit rotten at it as it was my first time ever to handle an xacto-knife. O_O

Here's my first ever mock-up.. Still needs A LOT of practice (and practice, I got @.@)

Ugh. <_< I really hate those jagged cuts now. CURSE YOU ILLUSTRATION BOARD!
SO! Last week was amhaaayzinggg— Went to an ocular with Jun, one of the senior graphic designers, to Pampanga to check up on the exhibits of our client, The Mind Museum, since we're doing the signage designs (and loads more) for the museum and it was FUN. First, we went to Theme Builders and saw some pretty inspiring stuff! I never knew our country could produce such first class works! They were building Zeppelins and airplanes and truck props to be shipped to Ukraine for their indoor mall roller coaster... There was a man carving a HUUUGGGEEE (2 meters high) polar bear head out of STYROFOAM with a simple knife! It was as if the styro was made out of butter! :O There was a large gorilla head that moved! A life-size clay mold of a triceratops! PIRATE statues (Arrr..)! SHAUN THE SHEEP! <3

But what was part of the museum was the bubble machine! It's a contraption where you stand in the middle of a raised platform, pull the handle down and a LARGE bubble envelopes you. I got to try it out and it was VERY cool. :D I really can't wait for them to finally perfect it! There was also a GIANT hand, a replica of Lucy the Australopithecus and giant seesaws! I had such a good time that I almost didn't mind the extreme heat. Almost.

Next stop was a free lunch at Red Kimono (Marquee Mall) and got to talk to and had extreme sabaw moments with fellow designers from other companies. (Hooray for pretend plating!) And then after lunch, we went to Vulcan (also in Angeles, Pampanga) and saw metal work in-action as we checked on the progress of the wire mesh decor being used in the Mind Museum. It was WOW. The experience sort of assaulted the senses— One moment, you're looking at delicate wrought iron filigree decor and the next you're faced with heavy (and loud) machinery producing these lovely pieces of art. Aside from metal work, Vulcan also does some incredibly beautiful glass work. Some of their pieces really makes you go "Wow." Check out this one-of-a-kind glass stool!

Those glass partitions were created from the bottom of a glass blowing furnace. 'Recycled glass', if you think about it, since nobody really uses the left over glass in the furnace. Mike Aguas, the owner of Vulcan Resources, is truly inspired.

It was an experience I could NEVER forget and I'm very very very thankful to have had the opportunity to go on this trip on my second week of work. :) I honestly couldn't wait for more.


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