Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ha. I knew it!

It took me less than a month to promptly forget about blogging, avert my eyes from this tab on my bookmarks bar from guilt and wonder (yet again) where I went wrong.

I can never seem to keep a blog although I have hundreds of notebooks half-filled with scribbles, notations and attempts at writing down and documenting my passably interesting life. So where did I go wrong? Maybe I got lazy—got busy on other priorities? Or that writing about my life feels... vain. Or perhaps I don't have that one solid topic I never tire to write about? Or all of the above?

Maybe I'm not facing this the right way.

From this day forth, I shall not feel guilty about ignoring my blog! I'm doing this for me and me alone and I write for myself, at my own time, at my own will.


*PHEW* Okay, now I feel much much better. :)

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